IdEM is a user friendly tool for the generation of macromodels of linear lumped multi-port structures (e.g., via fields, connectors, packages, discontinuities, etc.), known from their input-output port responses. The raw characterization of the structure can come from measurement or simulation, either in frequency domain or in time domain. A suite of advanced and well-conditioned rational fitting modules grants applicability to virtually any kind of characterization. The resulting models are cast in common SPICE formats for the system-level simulations required in your design flow. Thus, IdEM enables SPICE processing for any kind of linear structure, component, interconnect, package, whatever is your native characterization and application area.




Why IdEM?

Several competitors claim that their models are accurate, fast, stable, passive, causal, robust, and more... We claim our models are better. IdEM uses best-in-class algorithms to build macromodels, including a proprietary data causality certification module based on Hilbert transform, highly scalable rational fitting modules enabling unlimited port counts, and top-class passivity enforcement schemes for safe and stable transient simulations. Thanks to the multiprocessing module, IdEM guarantees an efficient macromodeling of ever-larger structures

If you have not tried IdEM, you cannot understand its power.


We invent algorithms

IdemWorks has strong links with world leading research groups in the field of modeling and simulation. This is a guarantee of fast and direct technology transfer. Our tools include native formulations of modeling algorithms and implementations that outperform other existing tools, offering unprecedented accuracy and robustness in the models. We are committed to customer satisfaction and open to your requests. Let us know what your needs are, next IdEM releases will provide solutions for you.


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